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Blockchain based International Money Transfers 

One of the world's first Ethereum Blockchain based instantaneous international money transfer tokens!

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The "Blockchain Money Forward" 
Token - BMF

BMF aims to normalise the blockchain for retail international money transfers (mainly overseas workers who send home money and potentially institutional users in the future), by allowing users to participate in instantaneous, very cheap and easy international money transfers over the Ethereum Blockchain.

More Affordable : BMF will reduce the cost from $12 for a $200 transfer to around $1-$4. Furthermore, BMF will use real exchange rates resulting in even more savings for international money transfers.

A Massive Industry: The annual global remittance industry (mainly migrant workers sending home money) make $500 Billion worth of international money transfers globally, and SMEs make around $5.6 Trillion worth of international money transfers per annum. 

To be Listed on Stock Exchanges: BMF will seek listing on the London, EuroNext, Gibraltar and/or New York stock exchanges which increase the prestige of BMF and also allow off-chain liquidity and exposure for BMF.

Banking the "Unbanked": BMF's seondary aim is to bank the "unbanked". Around 2 Billion people globally do not or cannot open a bank account. The "unbanked" will open a blockchain-based bank account. Allowing people to have bank accounts has shown that they save more and their money is safer than being kept at home. They will also have easier access to microloans.


 $ 500 Billion

The size of the global annual remittance industry - mainly migrant workers sending money home.


  $ 5.6 Trillion

The value of international money transfers globally that Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) make every year. 


The Blockchain Money Forward ("BMF") Token System aims to normalise the blockchain for retail international money transfers (mainly overseas workers who send home money and potentially institutional users in the future), by allowing users to participate in instantaneous, very cheap and easy international money transfers over the Ethereum Blockchain.

Previous examples of successful blockchain based financial asset implementations as well as the fast-paced development and uptake of blockchain by such bodies as the Swiss Canton Governments for payment of council fees, the Australian Stock Exchange, "big-5" consulting firms, Gibraltar Stock Exchange, Estonian Government Coin and others show that there is a large appetite for financial asset based blockchains. The global reach, autonomous and decentralised structure of blockchain tehnology and automation of "smart contracts" provides a huge potential for quick scalability. We realise that strong coordination with governmental compliance bodies and industry is vital in achieving our aims.

The BMF will work much like any other bank or money transfer operator (MTO) but will be instantaneous, be done with less intermediaries, be cheaper and will indefinatly store the particular transfer details in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Reportedly, Philippino migrant workers in Korea who send home $200 per month via traditional MTO's incure in total $12 in fees - which is half a days' work for construction labourers. This is a very significant amount and not very fair for the labourer. Similar examples are available for different countries, in particular migrant workers sending money home to India, France, China and Mexico. 

The annual remittance industry (mainly migrant workers) make $500 Billion(1) worth of international money transfers globally, and Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) make around $5.6 Trillion(2) worth of international money transfers per annum. 

Another aim of BMF is to bank the "unbanked". Globally there are around 2 Billion people(3) (almost 30% of the global population) who do not or cannot have access to a bank account. Allowing these individuals to open blockchain based bank accounts will provide them with a vehicle to save more and also increase the safety of their savings.

The BMF international money transfer system will work much like the SWIFT system but will be instantaneous and have less intermediaries. Like SWIFT, money transfers (as well as potentially security / asset transfers in the future) will be possible. A bare minimum of 4 intermediaries are required for a traditional international money transfers. With BMF the whole international transfer will be done in-house via the BMF token on the Ethereum Blocktrain. If internet banking is not used, the only intermediary will be the BMF token, reducing cost and making the transfer instantaneous.

As our blockchain token is used to facilitate the international money transfer, the importance of our token could increase with popularity. BMF will gain a small commission for each transaction but expenses will be drastically reduced compared to traditional money transfers due to the removal of numerous intermediaries required in a traditional international transfer.

Ultimately, we envisage that token owners will also have a controlled say, together with a Decentralised Board of Directors, in the running of the blockchain - somewhat similar to how Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies run.  

Furthermore, BMF is aiming to launch on the London, EuroNext and/or New York Stock Exchanges, so that the off-line world can participate via the stock-market and to increase the profile of BMF, together with increasing liquidity and popularity for the ultimate decentralised BMF token as well as the BMF network.

Our "whitepaper" aims to summarise the technical implementation, market research, strategy and background to how BMF will be implemented. BMF will initially use the existing Ethereum Blockchain infrastruture and will progress to its own infrastructure as the project matures, if it is safe and viable to do so. Using an existing infrastructure will provide for rapid deployment as well as utilising the security of a tried and tested blockchain technology. 




Crowd Sale Details

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White Paper

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Road Map

Q1-Q3 2018 

Launch Website.

Pre-ICO Coin set-up protoBMF - 5,000 tokens

Tested and Soft Launch completed on https://

Whitelist (Register in advance to participate in our pre-ICO sale)

Pre-ICO Sale at a discount (August 2018)

Q4 2018

Prototype of BMF Token and international money transfer "smart contracts".

Global ICO (to run 1-2 months)

Q1 2019

Begin Product Development of Phase 1 - Main blockchain vehicle and retail/institutional interface for managing the BMF System. 

Fully functional payment gateway with a user interface and the backend.

Planned completion by Q3 2019. 

Q2-Q3 2019

Regulatory compliance in Switzerland, UK, France, India, China, Korea, Philippines, other EU countries, UK and USA, (inc. product modificaitons), subject to regulations, licences, rules and permissions.

Seek institutional customers - off-chain financial institutions to come on-chain to incorporate BMF into their processes.

Q1-Q2 2020

BMF International Money Transfer system fully up and running with full compliance.

Please Note: Compliance work could take a while due to bureaucracy in different jurisdictions and lack of laws and political policy in relation to crypto-currency international money transfers .

Q3 2020

Work towards Decentralised Board of Directors begins.

Compliance matters with regards to decentralisation.

Launch on London and/or EuroNext (Frankfurt, Paris and Lisbon) and/or New York Stock Exchanges and/or others.

Q1 2020 - Q3 2021 

Expected full DAO decentralisation of the BMF Network

post-ICO Project Budget & Plan

Phase 1

Product Development of BMF 

Goal: Develop a fully-functional payment gateway, user interface and the on-chain BMF.  

Expected Completion: Q2 2019

Cost: EUR 0.8M

Phase 2

Regulatory Compliance

Goal: Obtain regulatory compliance, licences and registrations in Switzerland, Korea, India, China, Philippines, France, other EU, UK, USA and other jurisdictions. Product modificaitons may be required to meet compliance to regulations.

Expected Completion: Q3 2019

Cost: EUR 1 M

Phase 3

BMF Fully Up and Running

Goal: Automated exchange of tokens to and from fiat and other on-chain currencies, user wallets and decentralisation. Fund fully operating and adhering to the required regulations through smart contracts. Together with connecting with partner institutional portals.

Expected Completion: Q1 2020 - Q2 2020 

Cost: EUR 4 M

Phase 4 

Listing on Stock Exchanges 

Goal: Work towards Decentralised Board of Directors begins. Compliance matters with regards to decentralisation. Launch on London, EuroNext and/or New York and/or other stock exchanges.

Expected Completion: Q3 2020

Cost: EUR 4 M

Phase 5

Full Decentralisation

Goal: Expected full decentralisation of the BMF network. This is the BMF network will run organically through the crypto-currency community and through the Decentralised Board of Directors. Code and business system modifications due to regulatory requirements and stock market listing rules are expected.

Expected Completion: Q1-Q3 2021

Cost: EUR 1.5 M

Project End

Total Forecasted Project Budget: EUR 11.3 M
Expected Completion: Q4 2021

Our Team & Advisors

Business Systems(Hons.) 
LL.B, Grad. Dip. Law
Thesis: "Risk Management in e-Retail".
Member: Golden Key Honour Society
Melbourne High School

Unique qualifications in IT and Law from Monash University. 14 years of international professional experience, including experience in banking IT, IT Procurement and Administration. 

Microsoft Certified Professional
ITIL v3 Foundation
CompTIA A+ Certification
HDI Desktop Support Technician  

Ali has extensive international experience in IT and Marketing within multinationals. 

Masters in Artificial Intelligence
Bachelor of Engineering
Melbourne High School 

Elusive technologist, with involvement in successful startups, Masters Qualification from a leading Australian University and coder. 

Our Independant Advisors

Our advisors come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds which gives breadth as well as deep insight.

Nalan has 20 years + in IT Project Management mainly within the government sector.

Elcin has extensive experience in online marketing and international trade.

Digital Systems and Masters in IT from Monash University.
Built a fully functional autonomous mouse that can negotiate a maze in first year in his undergraduate degree using only assembly language. This mouse, to this day, is used as a demo on "open days" at Monash University.

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